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Zane Lowe meets…. Rick Rubin

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“In Martinique, I had visited rustic and neglected rum-distilleries where the equipment and the methods used had not changed since the eighteenth century. In Puerto Rico, on the other hand, in the factories of the company which enjoys a virtual monopoly over the whole of the sugar production, I was faced by a display of white enamel tanks and chromium piping. Yet the various kinds of Martinique rum, as I tasted them in front of ancient wooden vats thickly encrusted with waste matter, were mellow and scented, whereas those of Puerto Rico are coarse and harsh. We may suppose, then, that the subtlety of the Martinique rums is dependent on impurities the continuance of which is encouraged by the archaic method of production. To me, this contrast illustrates the paradox of civilization: its charms are due essentially to the various residues it carries along with it, although this does not absolve us of the obligation to purify the stream. By being doubly in the right, we are admitting our mistake. We are right to be rational and to try to increase our production and so keep manufacturing costs down. But we are also right to cherish those very imperfections we are endeavouring to eliminate. Social life consists in destroying that which gives it its savour.”

Claude Lev-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques. The underlying philosophy of liberalism, and the consumer culture it generates, condensed into nine sentences. (via ayjay)

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“"Captain, there’s a large iceberg ahead that will cause us to sink."
“No there isn’t”
“Yes, captain, it’s right there.”
“Ice berg schmice berg. Oh, that berg. Right. It’s not our fault.”
“Regardless, sir, It will still sink us.”
“No it won’t”
“99% chance.”
“So you don’t know. Is there consensus among the crew?”
“We don’t really have time…”
“If we stop the ship it will cost jobs and the economy will tank.”
“We don’t have to stop, just change course if we do it right away, before it’s too late.”
“You liberal elites just want to scare us.”
“I’m not liberal, I just looked off the starboard bow and there it was.”
“So it just appeared? You made it up. Why do you hate America?”

"ThatDudeOnABike" on climate change and American attitudes in the comments of this article.

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Navajo reservation adjacent to a Phoenix suburb.
Photo by Edward Burtynsky. 


Navajo reservation adjacent to a Phoenix suburb.

Photo by Edward Burtynsky. 

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sports are fun sometimes


During a ceremony at the end of yesterday’s Chelsea match, the crowd got adorably distracted by the son of one of the players making an epic run on goal. The delayed double-fist-pump is the best.

-Jody, BL Show-

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Reminder about your invitation from Joshua Tuscan


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Reminder about your invitation from Joshua Tuscan


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Invitation to connect on LinkedIn


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